Workshop on Aggression 2021 Programme

Thursday 4.11.

15.00 Registrations
16.00Welcome from the organizers (Pub 2)
16.30-18.00Special session in collaboration with UNESCO: Cyberbullying (Pub 2)
18.00-19.00KEYNOTE Claire Garandeau: Inside the mind of bullying perpetrators: Identifying cognitions to improve interventions (Pub 2)
19.30Welcome reception, Turku City Hall

Friday 5.11.

9.00-10.00 KEYNOTE Julia Korkman: Child sexual abuse - in real life and online: prevalence, risk factors and criminal investigations. Scientific and pragmatic points of view (Pub 2)
10.00-11.00 PARALLEL SESSIONS: Click on the session title to see all presentations

11.00-11.20 COFFEE BREAK

12.20-13.30 LUNCH BREAK: PICCU MACCIA restaurant in Educarium reserved for participants (participants pay for their lunch)
13.30-14.30KEYNOTE Tracy Vaillancourt: Is Aggression Part of the Human Condition? Insights from Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, and Developmental Science (Pub 2)

16.00-16.30 COFFEE BREAK
16.30-17.30 KEYNOTE Maria Ttofi: Aggressive and antisocial behaviour: Latest intervention efforts and directions for future prevention (Pub 2)
17.30 -18.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS: 

19.30-Get-together dinner, Restaurant Koulu

Saturday 6.11.

9.30-10.30 KEYNOTE Bram Orobio de Castro: Keeping it Real: Using interactive virtual reality to assess and intervene with aggressogenic social information processing and emotion regulation in children (Pub 2)
10.30 to 11.30PARALLEL SESSIONS:

11.30 to 12.00COFFEE BREAK
12.00-12.45 KEYNOTE Christophe Cornu: Violence among and against young people in school: A global perspective (Pub 2)

POSTERS are exhibited throughout the workshop in the main lobby of the Publicum building.

Hannah Brett, Alice Jones-Bartoli, Peter K. Smith: The role of relationships in moderating the association between family structure and cyberbullying victimisation

Naska Goagoses, Alissa Schüürmann: Adolescents’ Perceived Social Support, Emotion Regulation Strategies, and Behavior Problems: A Cross-Sectional Path Analysis

Maria Chiara Basilici, Benedetta Emanuela Palladino, Ersilia Menesini: Ethnic diversity at school and bullying: a systematic review  

Maria Chiara Taiti, Benedetta Emanuela Palladino, Maria Grazia Lo Cricchio, Ersilia Menesini: Prejudice and Ethnic Bullying: a Systematic Review

Charlie Devleeschouwer, Benoît Galand: "My teacher does not care": impact of teacher non-intervention towards bullying on students’ behavior.

Margarida Mendes, Margarida Santos, Gilda Santos: Cyberbullying Prevention: Can parents help?

Marie-Pier Larose, Sylvana Côté, Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, Barbara Maughan, Edward Barker: Promoting better functioning among children exposed to high levels of family adversity: the protective role of childcare attendance

Daniela Chavez, Rene Veenstra, Gijs Huitsing, Christina Salmivalli, Bin Pan: Do student and classroom level mechanisms moderate the impact of the Dutch KiVa antibullying program on school well-being? A longitudinal study

Paulina Tomaszewska, Isabell Schuster, Barbara Krahé: Reducing Sexual Aggression Among University Students in Germany: A Longitudinal-Experimental Intervention on Risky Sexual Scripts