Arriving to Turku

Turku is located on the south-western coast of Finland, 160 km west off Helsinki. You can reach Turku by air, sea, road and rail.

Turku Airport is located approx. 7 kms from the centre of Turku (flights to Gdansk and Riga).

At the moment the flight connections to Turku are still limited due to covid-19. We recommend flying to Helsinki, and taking the train or bus connection to Turku.

Both boats from Stockholm to Turku or boat from Tallin to Helsinki are affordable and nice experiences.

Boat Traffic & Connections in the Archipelago

If you fly to Turku, there is a regular bus to city center from the airport (distance approx. 8 km), bus line no 1 which runs about every 20 minutes. Tickets à 3 euro can be bought from the driver (cash, preferably coins). A taxi ride to the center of Turku will cost around 20 euros. All taxis accept credit/debit cards.

To call a taxi in Turku, please dial +358 2 10041 (Taxidata)

Flight Connections:

To Turku

To Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Bus & Train connections:

Connection to Turku from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Connection to Turku from Helsinki city centre

Local traffic in Turku